Protect your lake. Stop aquatic invasive species.

Aquatic invasive species (AIS) can cause irreparable damage to native fish and plant populations affecting lake recreation, human health, property values, and the economy. Learn how to protect your lake from AIS.

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Welcome to Protect Your Lake where you can help your lake be the best lake in Minnesota!

This program was developed in partnership with your lake association to help slow the spread of AIS into your favorite lake.

  • Family friendly
  • Learn how your activities may unintentionally introduce AIS to your lake
  • Takes just a few minutes each week to participate
  • Creates friendly competition between your neighboring lakes

Start this free program today – fill out the form on this page and click continue.

Did you know?

The impacts of out-of-control aquatic invasive species have been linked to:

  • Inability to swim or boat

  • Native fish kills & decreased fishing

  • Decreased lake beauty

  • Lower property values

  • Lower tourism

​Discover how your daily activities may unintentionally introduce AIS to your lake. Watch short videos featuring your neighbors, choose to take a pledge to protect your lake and other Minnesota waters, then see how your lake compares to neighboring lakes.

When everyone works together, AIS can be stopped!



“As a lake scientist and lakeshore property owner, I have observed many lakes that have been infested with invasive species that have changed the way we can use our lakes. Infestations of invasive plants and other AIS limit our recreational uses of our lakes and cost lakeshore property owners thousands of dollars for temporary treatments just to be able to use the lake.” Carolyn Dindorf
Fortin Consulting, Inc

“A large portion of the board’s energy and homeowner’s resources are spent combating AIS. These invasive species impact our lake quality, native species, and the recreational use. This program will help educate residents, providing opportunities for improved interactions with the lake. As an outdoor enthusiast the education and commitment to maintaining our natural resources will be recognized for generations to come and enjoyed today.” Jeremy Miller
CILHA President

“Our lake and lakeshore ecosystems are being dramatically altered by invasive plant and animal species. But when we work together, we can control their spread and restore our natural habitats. We have the science and the tools necessary to turn heavily infested lakes and shorelines into ones with incredible native plant and animal diversity. Collectively, one project at a time, we can restore and preserve our precious Minnesota waters.” Bill Bartodziej
Natural Shore Technologies

“We don’t intentionally introduce invasive species into our lakes. It takes that extra step to remove all vegetation from boats, trailers and equipment, and a little time to learn about other ways AIS are introduced to our lakes. This program will help you discover how you can be a part of preventing AIS from infesting your lake and other MN waters.” Carolyn Dindorf
Fortin Consulting, Inc.

“As a retired water resources professional, I find everyone has a role in AIS prevention.  Protecting our natural resources comes from taking personal responsibility for your own property and doing what is right for the resource, not what is convenient or popular.  Every property on a lake, stream or wetland and in the watershed that drains to it is connected.  Responsible decisions with your property affect everyone now and in the future.” James Kujawa
Surface Water Solutions

“FLARA has worked with the Three Rivers Park District, City of Maple Grove, and Hennepin County to support a robust watercraft inspection program and to install a boat cleaning station at the public access, but that is just one possible pathway for new aquatic invaders to enter our lake. This program educates and empowers all lakeshore residents to reduce the risk of unintentionally spreading AIS while we use and care for the lake. Spending a few minutes to learn some tips and tricks is a long-term investment in the lake's health that I'm happy to make!” Justine Dauphinais

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